November 27th

Thus far a rainy day. Until a few minutes ago we have been going ten knots, now the wind is rather lighter, but we hope we have got the N.E. trade. On the evening of the 24th we again crossed the equator and I should not care if it were for the last time. In future traveling, north of the equator will quite suffice. We were all happy to cross it.

While I write, and indeed for the last hour or more, Willie sits on the settee by my side reading book after book from beginning to end. He reads thus by heart some three dozen books. All of them have a number of pages. His memory is uncommonly good. It is most amusing to hear him read. He enters most heartily into the spirit of the book and reads with much unction. In reading or repeating his hymns or books, his emphasis is excellent and he reads and recites more understandingly than many men and women. He ever gives me the idea that he fully understands all he recites.

Lately Willie has taken a great notion to play “store” and we play it about every day. First, his playthings, of which he has the greatest variety, are all nicely arranged in his playroom. He is storekeeper and I buyer. He always rises and makes a bow when I enter the shop, shows me his goods, advising me as to what little boys like, and as I take my departure, always invites me to return another day. He amuses me much when he offers me broken toys, telling me how much better and prettier they are in that state. Also, he frequently warns me not to let my little boy suck the paint off a toy, as it will poison him. In days gone by, he has thus been warned. He remembers and says it all of his own accord. This great desire is to be a big boy, and the first thing when he awakes in the morning is to have me take hold of his hands as he stands up in the berth to see how much he has grown since the day before. He is delighted as he finds that his head nearly touches the large beams. Dear lovely child, how precious he is.

Dreamed that we were at Valparaiso last night. I inquired for John Cobb, he not being there, and was told that he was dead. I woke up in great affliction and was glad to find it but a dream. Also dreamed of meeting a sister of some lady to whom he was engaged.