May 28th

Have had a fine day – this evening however is rather stormy; have had to take in much sail. There has been a favorable change in the wind today, we have had the studding sails set. It was a welcome sight – it having been long since our eyes had rested on them. This morning the wind was very light, this afternoon it increased to about sixty knots, quite wonderful for us who have just crept along for the last fortnight.

Three vessels have been in sight today, two of them Brigs, these we passed long ago The other is a large ship; Williams thinks a Clipper. Ever since she made her appearance, which was about one o’clock this morning, we have been gaining on slowly but constantly, at last as we were approaching quite near, a fog shut her out from sight. Late this afternoon – if our wind continues I doubt if we see her tomorrow.

Williams’ ear feels better today, for that I am most thankful. There has been a wonderful improvement in Colin Campbell today. For the last two weeks or more, the boy has kept his bed, complaining very much. No longer ago than yesterday I could not persuade him to sit for a few moments in a chair. So, he could not possibly – even to raise his head made all things turn dark before his eyes. This morning on coming out in the Cabin I found the young gentleman in the forward Cabin sitting very composedly on one of the chairs – I was surprised enough. He told me he felt a great deal better – all his pains were going. It has been his endeavor to appear as well as possible today. He has been up all day on deck, four or five times and walking about as well as he did before this last month or more’s sickness. I do not understand it, he has constantly some new idea in his head. The child is delicate and very much out of health, that is most evident but for some cause or other he at times effects illness when it is most evident to all. I feel assured now that much of his last illness was affected. I do not understand this boy – it makes me feel sad to see one so young, so very deceitful.