May 1st

How was I going to commence the sentence begun day before yesterday. I known not. I was then called away and could not return. Since the squally afternoon then mentioned we have had a fine trade wind carrying us constantly from ten to eleven knots on our way. We enjoy this change most decidedly. Hope again revives and a short voyage to San Francisco is again thought of. May not these hopes be dashed to the ground.

It is Sunday and the day for seeing ships – so far, no appearance of one. It would be delightful to pass and speak to a home vessel, but the exciting scenes of last Sunday cannot be expected. It would have to be a strange case that would make Williams stop his vessel such a day as this, which is in every respect perfect. Would that my heart and thoughts were more in harmony with its beauties, but alas, I almost despair, so different are they from what I would have them. The will, desire to do right is with me, but the power seems not to be mine.

Since writing the above I have been listening to my husband as he read the morning service and some chapters from the Bible. I admire the Episcopal Service much and it is excellent for persons situated as we are, but I must say that when on shore if I attend that Church much I weary of the sameness.

Williams has just made his observation. The result 137 miles – thirteen less than day before. I trust our wind will not lessen; and now I must write letters or rather add to them.