March 8th

153 miles – a lovely day, delightfully cool and pleasant.

All well except Colin. He complains much of his head, chest and side – also of feeling very weak. I am surprised he does not gain more strength. He certainly looks much better than he did and his appetite is quite good. Williams has said for some days that it was because he would not take exercise and I begin to believe so too. I have urged the necessity of his walking out ever since he has been able to go on deck, but all to no purpose. He wants to sit or lie still all the time and read some story book. I have been recommending Abbott’s histories to him, and give him those with other reading.

We have much less wind today for that I am sorry. I am so very desirous our ship should make a very short passage.

Williams to my joy has at last finished his newspapers and this morning commenced reading aloud. He has also read awhile this evening though not much as it is rather squally and he has to go on deck quite frequently. Our book “A Step from the New World to the Old” by Professor Tappan is in two volumes. I think and hope we shall like it.

Had our usual walk this evening. Our conversation after awhile turned upon a New York friend and his family where the want of proper management in some way or other is sadly seen. I fear her children will cause her much anxiety. My thoughts then led to Willie and his hereafter if he should be spared us and, as we walked on in silence, I could not but feel that the responsibility upon me was very, very great but I looked up to my husband and felt rejoiced that I had such a one as he to assist and strengthen me. It was a relief. May God in His mercy enable us to bring up this beloved child all right so that he shall be a blessing to all. My greatest desire for him is that he shall be a good and holy man. Heavenly Father, grant it. And now that Willie is of an age to receive first impressions to distinguish between right and wrong I must be very watchful, careful and constantly seek for wisdom from above. Willie already begins to say and do things for which I am sorry. Not that they in themselves are of much consequence only if not checked will surely lead to something more. I have thought much for the best way to do this. I have tried to show him it was not pretty to do so – that Papa and Mama did not like to have him do or say so. It has produced little effect but for the last day or two I have thought of a plan which I shall try. He is very fond of having me read and tell him stories. I will tell him stories introducing these very things and in such a way as to endeavor to produce a good effect. I must be very, very gentle, very patient and very firm and kind. Oh, that I may be enabled to do so.