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History of Maria Antoinette by John S.C. Abbott
The History of Cleopatra by Jacob Abbott

March 25th

A beautiful day with more wind. Our progress has been rather slow of late but we are six days ahead of last voyage.

As we were walking together one or two evenings ago, Williams mentioned the possibility of our remaining home the next voyage. At first I hardly liked the idea of remaining home for one year with the expectation of going to sea the next. I was for making all the money necessary first and then enjoying a more permanent home, but Williams’ reasons though have quite convinced me, and I hope it may be so. Some chance is necessary for all and particularly those leading the quiet retired life we do. We shall run some danger of rusting out. As for myself I feel quite too indolent and listless, there is nothing to stir one up and this is not good for mind and body. A year spent on shore in company of friends and the beautiful works of God will be truly delightful. Oh, how I long to see the beautiful fields, hills, streams and trees of our beautiful country. It will do us infinite good: body and mind and will be a change. Hitherto, when we have been at home all has been excitement and fatigue and we have had little comfort. I trust our next visit home, let it be short or long, will be one we can more comfortably enjoy.

Yesterday after dinner Willie was creeping around imitating a pussy cat. I don’t think he has seen one, even for a few moments, more than once or twice. I could no longer resist the pleasure of giving him a very pretty cat with her two little kittens his aunt Marie had given me for him. The little fellow was perfectly delighted and has played with it very prettily ever since; holds it on his lap and stroking it says the little song of “I love little pussy, her coat is so warm”. His bow-wow along with pussy has come into great favor, he seems ever to associate the two together. Willie improves very much and is a dear good child, very bright and interesting with a heart full of affection and love. It is really wonderful how much that a child of twenty-nine months knows. It seems to me he remembers pretty much everything that is told him. He is very fond of looking at pictures and always wants them explained. With all kinds of animals, he is delighted and even wants to know their names. A family book with him is a geography with pictures many, and maps. The hour after tea is a great time with Willie; “Mama show Willie pretty book”. “Yes Willie, what shall it be?” “Oh big book”. The geography then is introduced. Two or three evenings ago to try the little fellow I commenced with “Willie what’s that” and I was perfectly surprised to hear that child name animal after animal with perfect correctness, as also nearly all the pictures in the book – and very long and hard some of the names were.

I am enjoying the life of “Jean Paul”; it is very beautiful and interesting. I so love the German character from all I know and read of it, and look with pleasure upon their country as my “fatherland”. Oh, how I long to wander through its length and breadth. I wish with all my heart I possessed Jean Paul’s writings and had them with me now. It would be so pleasant to read them in connection, but I hope someday to do so and only wish I could read them in the original. Williams is reading aloud Abbott’s “Cleopatra”. We have read his “Marie Antoinette”. Found nothing new whatsoever in it but her story never fails to interest me. Her history in connection with husband, sister and children is the saddest I have ever read. I like Mr. Abbott’s views of her character.

I wish I had something interesting to write in my journal but we do lead such a quiet one-day-like-another life that there is nothing to excite or stir one up.

We have seen very few vessels and very little of anything this voyage and no remarkably beautiful sunset. This last I really long to see. Former voyages we have seen very many splendid ones.