July 3rd

Another beautiful day with a delightful breeze. It is the Sabbath. Williams read the lessons and I some chapters from the Bible. This I did on account of Williams’ ear; strange it does not get entirely well. It really makes me feel quite uneasy. The observation has just been taken – gives us 183 miles. Little Willie has just gone to sleep. He has been as good as possible all day.

Evening – another Sabbath is fast drawing to an end. Williams and I have had our evening walk. Our talk was about children and friends at home. We talked about the celebration of the Fourth with them, which has now, I suppose, fairly commenced – of the Chinese fireworks that will go off in the evening and which Williams bestowed, particularly of Frank’s supply with the hope that all would go off well, and successfully.

Just after tea a party of Chinese who were gambling commenced to quarrel and they scolded and jabbered away at a great rate making me think of the Tanka girls of China besieging a steamboat on its arrival. Williams clapped his hands, thus trying to still the tumult, but all to no purpose. An officer and one or two sailors then shouldered them off to their places below without any ceremony. Their complaint was loud but not at all heeded.