Bayard Taylor’s Description of the Sailing

December 18th

Had a very rough night last night. I slept but little. My bed, which was made up on the floor, was sailing from side to side. I should have taken refuge with Willie but in order to have the little fellow sleep we have to raise his mattress high on either side by putting some dozen pillows underneath making him what he calls a complete nest. Even then the child was waking every little while. The vessel pitched so and nothing would do but I must come to his side; this was not very agreeable as the night was very cold.

Today has been really a most disagreeable one, very cold (the first cold day that we have had) and very rough. Willie tired of being shut up and somewhat fretful, it being so rough, he couldn’t run and play.

Last Sunday we little thought we should be on board the Sea Serpent today (Sunday) being then but 560 miles distance from New York. However, I think we all bear our disappointments very well.