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Catherine Hayes

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CATHERINE HAYES Catherine Hayes was a world-famous soprano singer from Ireland. Born in Limerick, she was given the opportunity to study in Dublin, Paris and Milan, where she performed at the famed La Scala Opera House and collaborated with Giuseppe Verdi on his latest work. [...]

Chinese Exhibition Room

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CHINESE EXHIBITION ROOM Sarah writes of visiting the "Chinese Exhibition Room" while in San Francisco. This was actually called "Duncan's Chinese Sales Room" located at the corner of Sacramento and Leidsdorff Street and it was very popular in 1853! Who was Joseph C. [...]

The Gillespies

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The Gillespies of San Francisco - Charles Gillespie and Sarah Gillespie - are thought to have brought the first Chinese immigrants, include Marie Seise, to America, Sarah was known for her exotic gardens, and Charles started Fidelity National Financial, the nation's largest title company.


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THE LOSS OF THE S.S. TENNESSEE MARCH 6, 1853 The S.S. Tennessee, owned by the Pacific Mail Steamship Company, was the first American steamship reassigned for service in the Panama to San Francisco run. On her first Pacific voyage in 1849, she carried only 15 [...]


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THE LOSS OF THE S.S. INDEPENDENCE FEBRUARY 16, 1853 In 1853, the Steamer S.S. Indpendence was on its way north from San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua to San Francisco with over 300 passengers onboard . In the early morning hours of Feburary 16th, the ship [...]


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ROUTES TO THE GOLD RUSH HOW DID PEOPLE GET FROM THE EAST TO THE WEST COAST DURING THE GOLD RUSH? During the California Gold Rush days there was a great demand to move large groups of people from New York to [...]

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